We know each of our clients have different needs and objectives so we approach each book project with an open mind to how we support a project. Our “ala carte” service offering sprovide you with the opportunity to avoid duplication of effort or tasks that may be unnecessary.

Our services:

Planning – With long lead times and variable cost in doing books, good planning is a requirement. Our experience at doing hundreds of books gives us not only all the steps necessary but the options to plan for contingencies in advance. Managing a book project with a well defined plan removes anxiety and expense.

Creative Management – We have experienced resources for professional writers, editors, sub-editors, proofreaders, photographers, researchers, book designers, pre-press specialist, and indexers. All have professional experience in the book industry with hundreds of titles published.

Production Management – We do business with book specific printers for publishers all over the world. They know our work and our expectation of quality for our clients.

Marketing – Modern book marketing requires advance understanding of digital promotion, pricing, placement, and positioning. Our tools and resources provide methodical ways to optimize revenue and profits.

Fulfillment – Our warehouses in Dallas and Nashville execute our fulfillment programs. We strive to make quality fulfillment programs that make the purchase of our books a great experience for clients and customers.