Are planning or considering doing a book? Our specialty is working with universities, colleges, private schools and not for profits to create meaningful custom gift and coffee table books that meet specific objectives. Our clients have used gift and coffee table books to celebrate milestone anniversaries, facilitate donor development and recognition, make money, re-engage alumni, and communicate their story and vision to prospective supporters. Our experience and resources in the custom book publishing and marketing world provide our clients substantial time and cost savings while offering innovative ways for achieving their goals.

Like building a house, our process starts with an understanding of the clients objectives which drives our planning process to provide timelines, budgets, and resources. As with custom homebuilding, if the plans are created from a solid understanding of the client needs and wants and there is agreement in the plan, we focus on quality of execution in the creative and production phases. We have found that publishing a beautiful book is a major step but not the end game — therefore we offer marketing services, warehousing, and fulfillment services to ensure a successful project.

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Steve Giddens